As the title says this blog is one man’s effort to make sense out of his journey fighting melanoma. I have enjoyed reading some of my fellow melanoma warriors’ blogs and thought it might be an interesting way to share what this journey has been like for me. If you find this interesting great, if not that’s great also. Selfishly this is more about me getting this out and moving on from being a cancer patient to being a cancer survivor.

Let’s clear up a few things. Yes, I know how to use spell check and no I don’t always use it. I majored in accounting, not english. I have always been a below average writer, which is why I find the therapeutic value of doing this surprising. I think for this blog to make any sense you pretty much have to go to the archive and start from the beginning which is titled “Life Is Good”

I am not a doctor or medial professional of any type. My blog is not endorsed by any medical professional or facility mentioned in it. Every decision I have made about my care was done after careful consultation with my medical team. Decisions I have made were right for me but should not in any instance be considered right for anybody else. I don't recommend taking medical advice from an accountant.

Key West

Key West

Monday, November 11, 2013

Moments In Time

I took this picture as soon as we arrived in Homer Alaska as kind of an afterthought.   It was later that evening when I was looking at my first days pictures that I realized what a great picture it was.   That is my son and my older daughter.  Life has taken them away from each other as it often does to people.   I thought I was going to Alaska to catch fish and visit my son.   We did do that but I think more importantly I was able to reunite these two for a few days and for a few days it was like they were 5 and six again.  In hindsight I believe that was the purpose of my trip.  When I saw that picture the first thought that raced through my mind was mission accomplished.   We had a great time and Alaska is so beautiful.   We caught lots of fish and had some good food but nothing can replace that moment.